Home Cleaning in South East Melbourne

It’s no small thing inviting someone into your home to clean.  You want your cleaner to give your home the love and attention you’d give it, if only you had time.

Annie Will Clean Every Time

You don’t want a revolving door of different cleaners in a rush to get to the next job providing rigid cleaning packages organised by middlemen.  Annie has decades of experience in the industry.  It will always be Annie, every time, providing you with the highest standards cleaning.

Flexible Cleaning for Your Changing Needs

Not every week is the same at your home and so your cleaning needs will vary.  A fixed cleaning schedule does not meet the changing needs of your family and home.   There’s no point cleaning somewhere that doesn’t need it and skipping something else that needs attention.

Annie will discuss with you your priorities. She’ll then deliver a flexible cleaning service unique to you and your home to meet those priorities. So there may be regular must do tasks combined with less regular tasks on rotation, but there will always be the flexibility to jump onto that unscheduled unexpected cleaning. ( All this at the same low hourly rate of $35 per hr with a minimum of 2 hrs per service )

Easy Time-Based Engagement

You simply book the number of hours to suit your budget. Annie will adjust her weekly todo list to meet your cleaning priorities within the available time.  There’s no cutting corners to get the job done quicker.

Take back your weekends with our personalised, tailored home cleaning service.